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Pleases allow 24 hours before removing the remaining paper, replacing sealant where necessary and using your bath. If your shower screen has been removed allow 7 days before replacing, Note that certain manufacture characteristics in the original bath surface such as a degree of surface contour and minuscule black specks (Pinholes) may still be evident in certain baths, these are in the original cast and no way detrimental to the use or the service life of your resurfaced bath,


It is possible that a slight gritty feeling may be present during the first few uses of your bath this is due to air born dust particles settling on the surface during the final curing process, Do not attempt to pick at any dust particles as they will dissipate with use


In order to prolong the longevity of your re-coated bath, Anglia Bath Coating recommends you follow these simple instructions.


  • Use a non abrasive liquid cleaner paying particular attention to the manufacturers instructions. Avoid useing bleach or bleach based products, Always read the label. We recomend a mild detergent such as washing up liquid.
  • Should your bath be damaged, chipped, scratched or grazed notify  Anglia Bath Coating immediately. In most  cases we are able to perform a local repair preventing the damage from spreading. The longer you wait the higher the cost could be.
  • If your taps or shower drip have them repaired as soon as possible prolonged dripping will cause staining and eventually ruin the surface.
  • Where applicable ensure taps, waste, over-flow, shower screens etc are fitted correctly not over tightened or rubbing on the bath surface.
  • Do not use strongly coloured bath additives or hair dye as these may stain the surface always follow manufacturers instructions.
  • To avoid lime scale building up In hard water areas thoroughly dry bath after use .
  • Do not use excessively hot water 
  • Refrain from using metal /hard plastic objects Toys, Soap trays, Heavy solid plugs etc
  • Do not use suction cup products e.g. non-slip mats or sink plunger. Where necessary  Anglia Bath Coating  have several non slip options .
  • Do not bath pets

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